the IBM disks are very silent and usually idle. the intended raid layout is:

all volumes get a proper VxVM mirror on an iSCSI target, once I find a reasonable iSCSI hba, probably qlogic

advantages, for those that don't see them on first blink

The Alacritech TOE is a bit annoying: the driver won't work with the scalable networking pack for 2003R2 / 2008 as that (better) driver only works for the nextgen and newer cards. Also the TOE models didnt include a bootable bios!

I also have some windows-only apps running unstable in Wine (who doesnt) which might actually go well with the old Athlon64 (dual PCIe, too) that is on some shelf behind me, thus this desktop might end up being downgraded with the current hardware ending up as another Xen host.